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Your investment portfolio is the vehicle that powers your financial plan and gives you the potential to reach your long-term objectives. Our priority is to select an investment plan that seeks to obtain the return you need to achieve your objectives while giving consideration to the level of risk we believe tolerable to you.

Not all investors are the same therefore the investment process starts with us developing a solid understanding of you and your goals. We incorporate what we learned about you during our “Financial Goals” meeting to help us develop an investment strategy that’s right for you.

During our initial investment meeting we will lead you through a personalized process to determine your risk profile. This profile describes how you "feel" about risk, as well as how vulnerable your plans are to levels of investment risk. We also provide you with an education about the historical performance and behavior of different investment strategies, types of investments, and general asset classes during this meeting. This education becomes the basis for future investment decisions.

The culmination of this process is a written, personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that provides guidance for you and our firm.

Only after we have completed each of these steps does investment execution take place.

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